Cost-Efficient Pool Fencing Options

Posted on: March 15, 2018
Posted in: Pool Safety
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Swimming pool fencing is a popular pool barrier for safety and convenience. However, many people ask us about the cost-efficient pool fencing options. Therefore, we have put together a few key components to consider with swimming pool fencing and cost effective selections.

What to Consider with Cost-Efficient Pool Fencing Options

Swimming Pool Fence Laws

Most families want to prevent a child from getting over, under or through the barrier to gain access to the pool. At Paradise Oasis Pools, we follow the compliance for the specific city, county and state. When we perform a quote, we will discuss the following:

  • height of fence
  • option to not have handholds or footholds to prevent climbing
  • minimize the clearance on the bottom of the fence
  • features such as self-closing and self-locking gates
  • additional options

Types of Pool Fencing

Removable Pool Safety Fences

For the cheapest and most flexible option, many swimming pool owners choose removable pool safety fencing. This mesh pool fencing anchors into a pool deck or other surface.

In addition, removable pool safety fences are easy to remove when the pool is not in use. The design of this type of pool fencing specifically meets the requirements of pool safety laws in your area. However, you may have a few different options for height, etc.

Other Types of Pool Fences

Other popular types of swimming pool fencing include the following:

  • Bars consisting of steel, aluminum, vinyl or wrought iron
  • Glass panels
  • Wooden planks

Each type of permanent pool fencing has its strengths and weaknesses. It just depends on your preferences. A few factors consider include the following:

  • privacy
  • wind barriers
  • material

Additional Cost Factors

In addition to the type of pool fence you choose, a few other things can impact the final price. These cost factors include the following:

Upgrades. If you desire a higher quality gate, more than one gate, a taller fence, or stronger materials, this will cost extra.

Alarms. Many swimming pool owners have an alarm on the fence gate for extra security. If you have young children, we recommend also installing an alarm on the backdoor of your house if it opens into the pool area.

Removing an Existing Fence. If you already have a fence in place that doesn’t meet your needs for whatever reason, you will have to pay extra to remove it.

These are just a few key components to consider when purchasing cost-efficient pool fencing options. Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule your pool construction with us today!