How to be a Cost-Efficient Swimming Pool Owner

Posted on: July 19, 2018


Having a pool in your backyard can add a sense of luxury. During the hot summer months, swimming pools provide relief from the elements and a place for relaxation. For the DIY homeowner who to wants a break from work on the weekend that luxury can have it’s downsides. For instance, proper maintenance of a swimming pool week after week can become expensive. However, the pool maintenance experts at Paradise Oasis Pools have put together a few tips on how to be a cost-efficient swimming pool owner for those looking to reduce their maintenance costs without sacrificing summer fun.

How to be a Cost-Efficient Swimming Pool Owner

Pool Covers

There’s no getting around it when it comes to swimming pool covers. Every pool owner needs to invest in one. They may not seem appealing, but they are an essential component to keeping pools clean and lowering service costs.

The majority of swimming pool owners know that pool covers reduce the amount of debris and foreign objects from falling into your pool. Reducing dirt and debris keeps you from having to vacuum as often, as well purchasing as many cleaners or even having to empty and refill the pool water as often. Not only do pool covers reduce the time you spend maintaining your pool, they directly lower operations costs as well.

In addition, swimming pool covers help reduce chlorine dissipation. Swimming pool covers work to reduce the amount of UV rays hitting the water. Therefore, this lowers the cost of replacement chlorine for those who have a chlorine pool.

Pool Pumps

You can avoid significant damages by investing in a pool pump. Pool pumps can help by minimizing possible damage, future refurbishing or renovations over your pool’s lifetime.

Over time, water that is not clean can be harmful to your health, while simultaneously damaging your swimming pool. Rather than paying an absorbent amount of money to clean regularly, empty and refill your pool water, consider purchasing a product that will keep your pool clean, fresh and visually appealing.


If you have an in-ground pool, expect to pay for insurance as a homeowner. Insurance costs can increase your annual premium, but they provide the protection you need for unforeseen accidents.

Assuming you have the correct coverage, liability for expenses resulting from accidents and injuries should fall under the carrier’s coverage.

Pool Hardware

Proper swimming pool maintenance will help lower costs and offer more consistency. Keeping up with the maintenance of your pool reduces any issues down the line that could end up costing you.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of your pool equipment. Clean the pool pump routinely to avoid the chance of clogging. Also, don’t leave equipment in direct or harsh sunlight or floating in the pool. Make sure to clean your equipment after each use as well to avoid contamination.

How to Increase Pool Safety Measures While Decreasing Pool Costs

The following are a ways to increase pool safety measures while decreasing pool costs:

  • Pool Supervision
  • Add Fencing
  • Install Pool Alarms

These are just a few tips on how to be a cost-efficient swimming pool owner. Contact us with the link below to start your pool construction project today!