Maintenance for Endless Fastlane Pools

Posted on: December 12, 2016
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While a traditional pool requires a lot of maintenance, Endless Pools require very little maintenance. On average, a few minutes each week is require to test the water and add some regular household bleach. In addition, the Endless Pool cartridge filter needs to be replaced every so often, depending upon pool use. The copper/silver cartridges used to kill bacteria and algae, also need to be replaced regularly. This article will discuss the maintenance required for Endless Fastlane Pools.

Preventing Algae

Algae is a microscopic organism that can cause problems with your Fastlane Pool. It is spread by wind and rain and can leave your pool looking unappealing and your equipment damaged. To prevent algae from damaging your Fastlane Pool, the most important thing to do is regularly clean your pool. One way to do this is by replacing the copper/silver cartridges every three to six months.

Hydraulic Motor and Fluid Maintenance

It is recommended to replace the hydraulic motor, which is located in your swim unit and submerged underwater, after three years of usage. The non-food grade, biodegradable vegetable oil and filter in the Power Unit should also be changed every 500 hours of use.

Grill Cleaning

If a reduction in speed occurs in your Fastlane, it may be caused by a reduction in water flow due to a blockage of the intake grills located on the bottom of your unit. The underside of your Fastlane will be sucking water, so it may occasionally become necessary to clean the grill of any debris or leaves that may have been in your pool when the Fastlane was in operation. This is very easy to accomplish while in the pool with the Fastlane unit turned off.

Cold Weather Maintenance

With the holiday season upon us, this usually means you are done with your swimming for the year. It is recommended that the Fastlane Swim Unit be removed from the swimming pool and winterized. There are winterized kits for the Fastlane available to help you with this process.

While the Endless Fastlane Pool requires minimal maintenance, it is crucial to do the little maintenance required to keep your pool working smoothly and efficiently. Contact Paradise Oasis Pools with the link below for more information!