Pool Trends for 2017

Posted on: April 17, 2017
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Summer is just around the corner, and the only thing hotter than the July sun will be the pool trends we are anticipating for the year ahead. If you are looking to upgrade or accessorize your background oasis, consider our list of the most in-demand features and functions for 2017.

Pool Trend 1: Fire Pits and Barbecues

Combining fire pits and barbecues with water has become a popular pool trend because of its functionality as well as the aesthetic look it gives. There are numerous features that you can bring to your pool area, including fireplaces. This not only extends the backyard season well into the cooler months, but it’s also beautiful as the light glows off the reflection of the water.

Pool Trend 2: Characteristic Materials

Backyard pools used to always be finished with white plaster. However, today there are all kinds of pool design trends that homeowners are choosing to make their pool unique. By selecting glass tiles, pebbles and stones in the finish, a swimming pool can be as unique as the homeowner and aesthetically beautiful.

Pool Trend 3: Ledges and Bars

One of the top benefits of pool ownership is relaxation. What better way to relax than to be able to tan and lounge on a built-in ledge or have you and your guests be able to enjoy a beverage at a swim-up bar? Also, these features also provide a great place for kids to play!

Pool Trend 4: Outdoor Living Areas

The swimming pool has become a central location to gather and entertain. During the summer, guests can cool off by taking a dip in the pool while relaxing and enjoying a great meal. Outdoor kitchens with the latest furnishings have extended living spaces beyond the back door. During the cooler months, a fire feature can be a great place to gather.

Pool Trend 5: Darker Colored Pool Surfaces

The traditional light blue color of pools is beginning to get some stiff competition from darker shades. Not only does this pool trend look great, a bonus with dark colors is that they retain more of the sun’s heat so it can cost less to keep your pool warm.

Pool Trend 6: LED Lighting

From landscape lighting to interior pool lighting, creating the right ambiance is a high priority on potential pool owners’ lists. Efficient LED lighting is available in a multitude of colors and can bring light shows to pools, complete with synchronized music. Additionally, pool owners expect to be able to control elements like lighting, along with other pool features including heating, water features and pool covers, all from their smartphones.

Pool Trend 7: Dimensions One Spas

Another pool trend that many pool owners are jumping on are spas. Dimensions One Spas has a variety of spa designs to choose from so you can enjoy a relaxing night with guests or even your very own exercise pool! Dimension One Spas have integrated intelligence, utilized the most durable materials and given you more features that give you exactly what you need. Paradise Oasis Pools and Spas is excited to be the only dealer in this area.

All of these trends mention above prove that swimming pool design and usage has evolved. These beautiful gathering spaces create a sense of community for both family and friends. Are you looking to add one of these features to your current pool, or are you looking to start from scratch with a custom design? Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Paradise Oasis Pools with the link below for more information or to start on your dream swimming pool today!