The Importance of Pool Heaters in Texas

Posted on: February 20, 2017
Posted in: Summer Preparation
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Pool heaters, in Texas, can stretch the swimming season to 10 months per year, versus 5-6 months without a pool heater. Most Texas pool owners that have heaters use them to take the chill out of the water on those warm days when the water is still too cold. Generally, late December through mid-February are months that even those with heaters do not use them due to the cost of operating them. However, there are outdoor pools in Texas that are heated and used year-round. Here are just a few of the many important reasons to invest in a pool heater even if you live in Texas.

Texas Pool Heaters Extend Your Pool Season

Even living in Texas does not give you access to year-round pool time. Adding a pool heater to your swimming pool allows you to extend your swimming seasons so you can enjoy the water at the perfect temperature whenever you want. Since a pool heater transfers warmth from the air to your pool, it allows you to enjoy a heated pool when you want it without a big increase in your energy costs.

Texas Pool Heaters Increase Value

A swimming pool is a significant investment, so you will want to ensure you get the most out of it. When you purchase a pool heater, you give yourself the opportunity to keep your pool open for a longer duration of time; a heated pool in Texas may be used year-round. Additionally, it can increase the value of your property. If you want to get the most value from your investment, you should add a heater to your swimming pool. Enhancing the pool with a heater means that you can utilize it longer throughout the year and optimize the investment you made into your swimming pool.

Texas Pool Heaters Give You Comfort

Whether you like to swim laps in your pool, play water related games with your family or simply float around and soak up the sunshine, pool heaters can help to keep you as comfortable as possible while doing so. Some would spend more time in the pool if the water were not so cold; it is exactly these kinds of people that can stand to benefit most from pool heaters in Texas. A heated swimming pool inspires the whole family to fully take part in the fun rather than sit on the diving board and dip a foot or two into the water. Since many tend to prefer the comfort of heated water, Texas pool heaters can turn your swimming pool into a neighborhood hot spot.

Texas Pool Heaters Give You More Ways to Enjoy Family Time

Adding a pool heater to your Texas swimming pool allows you to optimize your family time. When you can jump into 80-degree water at any time of the year, it helps you find new ways to spend together as a family. Imagine the freedom of jumping into your swimming pool with your kids over the winter holidays.

Texas Pool Heaters are Durable

A pool heater in Texas requires very little care to continue offering you the ability to keep your water warm throughout the year. With occasion pool service, the heater will continue to work the way you need it so you can always enjoy the water temperature that you want.

Whether you already have a swimming pool or you are thinking about adding one to your yard, you should consider adding a pool heater to enjoy all of these benefits. Building a swimming pool in your yard adds function, style and value to your home. Contact Paradise Oasis Pools with the link below for more information!